Year 3 Knowledge Organisers

A knowledge organiser is a document that contains key facts, information and vocabulary that children will need to know and have a basic knowledge and understanding of by the end of a unit. Most knowledge organisers will include the essential facts about the topic, usually laid out in easily digestible chunks. Knowledge organisers are used as a resource in lessons but can also be used to support children with learning at home.

Please see the autumn term knowledge organisers below.

  1. Art Knowledge organiser Autumn 1pdfDownload
  2. Computing knowledge organiser Autumn 1pdfDownload
  3. English Knowledge Organiser Autumn 1pdfDownload
  4. Geography Knowledge organiser Autumn 1pdfDownload
  5. History Knowledge organiser - Prehistoric Britain Autumn 1pdfDownload
  6. Knowledge Organiser Place Value Autumn 1pdfDownload
  7. PSHE Knowledge organiser Autumn 1pdfDownload
  8. RE Knowledge organiser Autumn 1pdfDownload
  9. Science Knowledge organiser Autumn 1pdfDownload
  10. PE Knowledge organiser Autumn 2pdfDownload
  11. Science Knowledge organiser Autumn 2pdfDownload
  12. Computing knowledge organiser Autumn 2pdfDownload
  13. DT Knowledge organiser Autumn 2pdfDownload
  14. RE Knowledge organiser Autumn 2pdfDownload
  15. Knowledge Organiser Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division Autumn 2pdfDownload
  16. History Knowledge organiser Autumn 2pdfDownload
  17. Music Knowledge organiser Autumn 2pdfDownload
  18. PSHE Knowledge organiser Autumn 2pdfDownload
  19. Geography Knowledge organiser Autumn 2pdfDownload
  20. English Knowledge Organiser Autumn 2pdfDownload
  21. Art Knowledge organiser - Roman Art Spring 1pdfDownload
  22. Computing Knowledge organiser - Scratch 1 Spring 1pdfDownload
  23. English Knowledge Organiser Spring 1pdfDownload
  24. Geography Knowledge Organiser Spring 1pdfDownload
  25. History Knowledge organiser - Roman Britain Spring 1pdfDownload
  26. Maths Knowledge Organiser Spring 1pdfDownload
  27. Music I've Been to Harlem Spring 1pdfDownload
  28. PE Knowledge organiser Spring 1pdfDownload
  29. PSHE Knowledge organiser - Dreams and Goals Spring 1pdfDownload
  30. RE Knowledge Organiser Spring 1pdfDownload
  31. Science Knowledge Organiser Spring 1pdfDownload
  32. Computing knowledge organiser Spring 2pdfDownload
  33. DT Perfect Pizzas Knowledge OrganiserpdfDownload
  34. English Knowledge Organiser SPRING 2pdfDownload
  35. Geography Knowledge OrganiserpdfDownload
  36. History Knowledge organiser - Roman BritainpdfDownload
  37. Maths Knowledge Organiser Fractions Mass CapacitypdfDownload
  38. Music Sound symmetry Knowledge OrganiserpdfDownload
  39. PE Knowledge organiser RounderspdfDownload
  40. PSHE Knowledge organiser - Healthy MepdfDownload
  41. Knowledge Organiser Fractions Mass CapacitypdfDownload
  42. Music Sound symmetry Knowledge OrganiserpdfDownload
  43. PSHE Knowledge organiser Summer 1pdfDownload
  44. RE Knowledge organiser Summer 1pdfDownload
  45. Science Knowledge Organiser LightpdfDownload
  46. RE Knowledge organiser Spring 2pdfDownload
  47. Art Knowledge organiser - 3D art and sculpturepdfDownload
  48. Computing Knowledge Organiser Summer 1pdfDownload
  49. English Knowledge Organiser Summer 1pdfDownload
  50. Geography Knowledge OrganiserpdfDownload
  51. History Knowledge Organiser - Local HistorypdfDownload