At Grimsdyke School, we present our students with a curriculum that has been designed by our teaching team to be engaging, innovative and challenging. Through our curriculum and extensive range of wider educational experiences, our students develop the cultural capital, confidence and capability to be active citizens in their community. Our skilled and dedicated staff plan and deliver high quality, inclusive lessons to ensure that all students make progress and leave us well prepared for the next stage of their educational journey.

Our curriculum design balances the need for students to develop both knowledge and skills through their primary education. It is ‘knowledge-engaged’ in that knowledge is seen as underpinning learning and enabling the application of skills. Skill development is planned and taught alongside knowledge as we see the two aspects of learning as mutually reinforcing.

As a result, we have a defined curriculum intent for each academic subject within our curriculum and a clear map that shows how students will develop subject knowledge, skills and understanding as they progress through the school.

The students are at the centre of the curriculum at Grimsdyke and as a result they are encouraged to become motivated, resilient, resourceful and reflective learners. To achieve this, students are presented with a broad and balanced programme where a creative approach is fostered and students are given the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills to become ‘lifelong learners’. Teaching staff are flexible, innovative and reflective with their approach to teaching which ensures all pupils have the opportunity to experience success and reach their full potential.

The creative curriculum approach, making meaningful links between subjects and content, allows the freedom for teachers to facilitate more effective learning. It also motivates and supports students to engage and be active partners in their learning. It presents the students with experiences that are exciting through the use of engaging texts, contexts and resources. While following the National Curriculum, teachers are encouraged to develop theme orientated planning where links to different curriculum areas can be integrated for the learning experience to be at its most powerful. This in turn makes the learning exciting and memorable.

You will find the curriculum overviews for each year group below. These identify the topics that children learn each term by subject area. Please take a look at our year group pages for further information regarding detailed content for this term as well information for parents on how to support learning at home.

Please contact the Mrs B Bhudia ( if you would like to find out more about Grimsdyke School’s curriculum.