Special Educational Needs (SEN)

At Grimsdyke School we take a real pride in offering a broad and balanced curriculum that excites and develops a wide range of qualities in each and every child. The inclusion team coordinates and provides all different types of support for your child to enable them to aspire, enjoy and achieve at Grimsdyke School.

We work to encourage children’s development and well-being and seek to ensure that every child is supported and challenged in their learning.

The inclusion team also supports parents and works with outside agencies to ensure all children’s additional or different needs are met and that they are receiving the full support they need.


The inclusion team are based in the Rainbow Room and their roles and responsibilities are outlined below:


Mrs White is a member of the teaching staff who promotes, develops and leads inclusion across the school. She reviews pupil progress and ensures that provision at Grimsdyke School meets children’s developing needs. She holds the National Qualification for Special Educational Needs Coordinators (NASENCO).  Her work involves:

  • Special Needs Coordination – attending meetings, writing reports and coordinating support

  • Seeking extra funding or provision for children with a high level of need

  • Liaison teacher for outside therapists e.g. speech and language therapy, physiotherapy and occupational therapy

  • Managing the teaching assistant team across school

  • Representing the school at inclusion meetings within Harrow

  • One of our designated teachers for Child Protection

If you need to contact her directly you can email Mrs White at sendco@grimsdyke.harrow.sch.uk  


The Inclusion team includes staff who work with children in more than one class or year group to support learning. They are:

  • Mr D Godfrey - Sports coach

  • Mrs B O’Reilly – Lead teaching assistant for KS2

  • Mrs J Holgate - Lead teaching assistant for EYFS and KS1

  • Ms A Nizio - Place2Be Mental Health Practitioner

Please contact the Inclusion Team via the school office.


In September 2014 a new framework for meeting the special educational needs of pupils has been introduced. As part of the process of developing this new framework, the government developed a series of fourteen questions that parents and carers frequently ask about the special needs provision in a school. These form the basis of the school SEN Information Report. Our answers to these questions can be found SEN Information Report below.

Local authorities and schools are also now required to publish information about the services and provision that they make for special needs pupils. Grimsdyke works closely with other schools in Harrow and makes provision in line with other similar schools. The document detailing this provision is called a ‘local offer’. You can find links to the Harrow and Grimsdyke School local offer below:


We appreciate that it can be challenging for parents to work out how all this information relates to their child. If you have any questions or queries please contact the Inclusion Team via the school office and we will try and help give you more specific advice.