Physical Education (PE)

The Physical Education (P.E) curriculum at Grimsdyke is both broad and balanced. Throughout the school, children are exposed to a wide range of sports and specialist teaching from reception through to year six. Curriculum coverage includes gymnastics, dance, and various sports, both indoor and outdoor.

The curriculum study of within P.E at Grimsdyke School will ensure students’ progress to the next stage of their education prepared in this subject by developing their fitness, stamina, agility and coordination to continue to participate safely in regular physical activity which will ensure that they will live a healthy lifestyle. Children will have experienced challenge and competition, learning how to participate in these whilst ensuring that they maintain the positive mental health benefits of engaging with physical opportunities. The children will be able to show their understanding of fair play and leadership skills that have been developed through the curriculum and extracurricular activities.

Classroom teachers, specialist coaches from local sports clubs and Primary Sporting Development (PSD) offer children high-quality teaching in PE lessons and expert coaching in various sports clubs.

In addition to weekly PE lessons, children are encouraged to participate in a wide range of extracurricular sports and activities. Clubs are held both during and after school. The children are provided with experiences to enable them to participate in a wide range of sporting competitions and matches. These competitions take place on both a local and borough wide level.

Recent years have proved very successful at Grimsdyke, the children have enjoyed taking part in various competitions; football (both girls and boys), Tag Rugby, High Fives, Cross Country, Swimming, Cricket, Rounders and the Borough sports comprising of different athletic events.