As technology is developing at such a rapid pace we need to do as much as we can to keep our students up to speed in order for them make a seamless transition to secondary school and on into the working world.

Computing is the study of information, communication and technology and how they relate to one another. Information covers creation, management and access to data in its digital representation. Communication covers all networks and how we are communicating and collaborating with others via these networks. Technology includes an understanding of complex systems and the principles and processes of computer science.

There are three strands to the Computing curriculum - Computer Science, Information Technology and Digital Literacy.

At Grimsdyke School we endeavour to meet all of these areas through a creative curriculum where ICT is not just confined to the “suite”. Various items of hardware are used throughout the school in order to enrich the learning of the pupils. We see "Computing" as an extremely important aspect of the “broad and balanced” curriculum at Grimsdyke.

Each class has a timetabled session in the "Computing" Suite over the course of the week, however with the range of hardware that the school has, teachers integrate these into their lessons to develop and build on the students computing skills.

Grimsdyke School students are presented with a range of experiences including the manipulation of images, exploring simulations, building graphical models, designing animations and writing control programs.

Helpful Links for Home Use -

  • Think You Know - Supporting students with issues surrounding E-Safety

Online Safety at Grimsdyke School

Article 16 and 17 of the UNCRC state that privacy and protection on such platforms as the Internet are "Rights" that children under the age of 18 can not be denied. As a result here at Grimsdyke School we have implemented a wide range of resources to support both parents and students in facing the negative implications of "surfing online".

Students are taught about E-Safety within "Computing" lessons and during aspects of the PSHE curriculum. As a school we celebrate "Keeping Ourselves Safe" Week and "Safer Internet Day" (SID), this allows the students to be exposed to not only the benefits that we gain from using modern technology in this "digital age" but also the dangers.

All of the class based staff at Grimsdyke School are trained in the use of the “Think You Know” resources by an official CEOP Ambassador and we regularly review our practice and policies in line with the changes in technology.

Below you will find some helpful tips in protecting your children at home -