Clubs & Activities

We have a wide range of clubs and activities taking place throughout the school week. The clubs we offer are designed to cater for a broad range of age-groups and preferences and we try to review this provision regularly.

Please refer to the table of clubs and activities for details. Some of these are run by external companies and others by the school for this Autumn term.

Summer Term Clubs List 2021

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Before School

Breakfast Club

Y6 Archery Club

Breakfast Club

Y3 Archery Club

Breakfast Club

Y2 Gymnastics Club 

Breakfast Club

Y5 Archery Club

Breakfast Club

Y4 Archery Club





Afterschool Club

Y5 PSD Multisports




Afterschool Club

Y1 PSD Multisports

Y2 French Club

Y6 GS Football

Afterschool Club

Y4 PSD Multisports

Y1 French Club

Y6 GS Cricket 

Afterschool Club

Y2 PSD Multisports

Y3 French Club

Afterschool Club

Y3 PSD Multisports



PE Days Y5 and Y6 Y1, Y3 and Y6 Reception, Y3 and Y4 Y1, Y2 and Y5 Reception and Y2