Afterschool Club

The Grimsdyke Afterschool Club is run entirely by Grimsdyke School staff, starting from 3.:30pm and ending at 6:00pm each day.

During the day we usually 

* Start with registration (if your child will be missing ASC for that day, please call the ASC mobile and leave a message).

* Snacks are served between 3.45-4.15pm (please view menu below)

* Organised games and activities include but are not limited to:

  • Parachute games 'corners' game, rounders
  • ICT, adventure playground, library, cooking, biscuit decorating, arts and crafts, scavenger hunts, clay modelling
  • Weekly competitions
  • Homework support 
  • Monthly events - film night, mad science, bake-off


Our menu is as follows and is reviewed termly.

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Meat Chicken bagel (non-Halal)   Wraps with tuna, mayonnaise and cucumber     
Veg Cheese bagel Cinnamon bagels Wraps with cheese and cucumber  Cheese with crakcers/butter Cheese and tomato pizza
Dessert Fresh Fruit Fresh Fruit Fresh Fruit Fresh Fruit Fresh Fruit








Behaviour expectations

Afterschool club is run by Grimsdyke school staff, as such the same expectations apply. If your child is unable to meet those expectations, a series of steps will be implemented:

* Afterschool Manager will discuss behaviour with your child in the first instance

* If behaviour issues continue, Mr Sutherland will be informed and may discuss the issue with your child and finally

* If behaviour does not improve you will be called in for a meeting with Mr Sutherland. 

Conditions of use:

The cost is £9 per day. If you are late collecting from afterschool club (later than 6pm) you will be charged £10 per every 10 minutes.  

Bookings are made and must be paid for on a termly basis. Parents are required to ensure that both bookings and payments are completed prior to the start of the term, for which the afterschool club is going to be used. Parents are required to give notice in writing at least 2 weeks before the end of the previous term. Please see full terms and conditions below. 

Childcare vouchers are accepted for payment.

If you would like to register your child for a place, please contact the school on