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The Curriculum at Grimsdyke School

At Grimsdyke School we take real pride in offering a broad and balanced curriculum that excites and develops a wide range of qualities in each and every child. As a staff we feel that learning should not just be confined to the classroom. Students need to engage in "their learning" in a wide range of situations and environments. Meeting high expectations and challenges set by not only their classroom teacher but also their peers through collaborative learning.

This in turn will not only foster independent but also life long learning allow all students that move through Grimsdyke School to become successful in the future.

For further information on the curriculum at Grimsdyke School you can use the tabs on the left hand side of the screen. This will give you a good insight into the experiences we offer both inside and outside the classroom. 

Year Group Long Term Plans

Click on the links below to view to provision for each Year Group over the course of the academic year.

Please note that these are subject to slight adjustments and changes.

Curriculum Maps - Summer Term 2019

Below are links for the Curriculum Maps for each year group. Clicking on these links will allow you to see the range of content the students at Grimsdyke School study over the course of the term.

These can be used to support your child with the curriculum content at home or through planning trips to further enrich the experiences at school.


Maps Presentation

End of Year Expectations

Grimsdyke School has high expectations of all the students on roll. In order to maintain these students and to inform parents about what the students will be learning about over the course of the year the classroom teacher have compiled a list of expectations for Literacy and Numeracy. Click on the links below to read through the curriculum expectations for each year group.

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